What is Web Scrape Technology?

What is Web Scrape Technology?

What does web scrape mean?

Web scraping is the process of extracting information from a website. We’ll web scrape your current website and download logos, images, videos, text, and any content we have access to. Then we take that content and put it into a pre-designed template and upload your new site to your servers.



  1. You must already have a website online.
  2. No ecommerce website or no membership websites
  3. Logo, images, must be downloadable from current website.
  4. Blog (You can have a blog on your current site but we will not collect content from the blog and transfer it to the new site under our flat rate. We are more than happy to transfer the information on your blog but you will be charged accordingly.)
  5. If you have videos, the videos must be hosted on a public video hosting site and not password protected (ie. Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)
  6. Text must be selectable on current website. If the text on your website cant be selected with a mouse usually its because of 2 reasons.

    a. You have a security plugin or software that prevents users from copy and pasting text.

    b. The text is embedded in images. (In the past designers would cut corners by putting text in images to save time instead of writing CSS or HTML code)

Examples of web scraping

We used our web scraping techniques with Windy City Equipment, Rescor Service, and Maintenance Chef . Below are before and after  examples of scraping an old html website and converting it to a WordPress architecture.

Major Food Service Before and after web scrape

Before & After Rescor Website


Windy City Equipment before and after web scrape

Windy City before and after

 Web Scrape Pricing

If you currently have a website, you’ll save up to 30% using our Web Scrape Technology. All our packages have the option of web scraping, check out our WordPress web design services.

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