By clicking the checkbox during checkout “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” and making a purchase, legally binds you to this agreement. Any breach of contract will result in Craig Seidl stopping all labor and services provided to client.



The client has the option in making as many custom changes as they see fit. All additions or custom requests that exceeds plan limits (see below) will be charged accordingly. We will only work past contracted flat rate with written, verbal, or recorded permission from Client. Client will also be notified ahead of time about exceeding contract terms, Craig Seidl or Model T Media will never work beyond flat rate limits without clients consent.

Clients must list any special or complicated design requests. Client should provide visual references or examples for any complicated design requests. We must approve that the requests can be fulfilled before continuing.


Plan Limits

Web Scrape

We scrape your current website and input the information into your new website.  Any customization’s or revisions that exceed 1 hours of work beyond the web scrape will start being billed on an hourly rate of $75/hr. We track every minute worked on your website using toggl.com. You can request a copy of the time ledger after job is completed.


New website customers will get to have one (1) set of changes that don’t exceed 3 hours of work. Client can make as many changes as they’d like but will be billed on an hourly rate of $75/hr.

Client Approval

Before migrating your finished site, the client must sign off on a final approval in verbal, written, or recorded form. Any changes after the client has approved the final design and/or the website has been migrated to your servers, is considered site maintenance and will be billed at $75/hr.

Return policy

Any cancellations or returns must be approved by Craig Seidl and may be subject to fees and other charges. (see below)

Full money back guarantee

Any feelings of skepticism you may have about investing in a new way of doing things is completely normal! This is why we’ve decided to put all of the risk on us! If we haven’t migrated* your new website to your web host or servers (ie. godaddy, bluehost, etc) you will receive a full refund of the purchased amount, no questions asked.

Partial money back guarantee

If we have already migrated* your new website to your web host or servers (ie. godaddy, bluehost, etc) we will need to remove the site and you will lose your deposit or 50% of the transaction amount as a fee for the work already performed. “Our intentions aren’t to be greedy, we are only charging a fee for those trying to steal the website template or take advantage of our process.”

*Migration / Migrated : The process in which we transfer your new website to your hosting service or servers (ie. Godaddy, bluehost).




A minimum of 50% deposit is required in order to start project. This contract will be in full effect once the 50% deposit is made.

Any pending balances must be paid in full before we migrate the website to your servers.

Additional Balance

“Additional Balance” Any fees that accrued after the original purchase on website.

An invoice of any “additional balances” beyond the flat rate plans will be sent to client before starting the next stage of work or migrating the site to your servers. The client has 14 days “net 14” to pay in full to avoid interest charges or breach of contract.

Pending Balance

Any pending balances must be paid in full before we migrate the website to Client’s servers.

Sales Tax

Since Model T Media does not sell products but rather provide an online service and access to our content on our website; we’re not required to charge sales tax for our services.

Payment Terms

Model T Media accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. Purchaser agrees to pay the cost of any and all expenses incurred by Model T Media to collect past due sums, including but not limited to legal, collection and court costs.


Web Scrape Turnaround Times:

24 hour

For us to fulfill a 24 hour turnaround time we must receive login information within 12 hours of purchase. We will accept it later than 12 hours but you will no longer be guaranteed a 24 hour turnaround time. We request you notify us if you need more time.

48 hour

For us to fulfill a 48 hour turnaround time we must receive login information and website information within 18 hours of purchase. We will accept it later than 12 hours but you will no longer be guaranteed a 48 hour turnaround time. We request you notify us if you need more time.

96 hour

For us to fulfill a 96 hour turnaround time we must receive all custom content and change requests within 60 hours of purchase. We will accept content and requests later than 60 hours but you will no longer be guaranteed a 96 hour turnaround time. We request you notify us if you need more time.

Client Delays

Client must submit content, revisions, and passwords within a timely manner. Depending on the plan you’ve purchased we will need content within the listed times (listed above) to fulfill our turnaround time as advertised on our site.  If client exceeds 7 days for submitting revisions, content, and passwords the remaining balance of the contract is due and must be paid in full to continue work.

The client is allowed to request an extension for providing content on a specified date. The request must be in verbal, written, or recorded form and agreed upon by both parties ahead of time.



We need access to the host or web server or the work can’t be performed. If you don’t feel comfortable giving us your password. Just log into your hosting account and temporally change it to something generic and you can always change it back to your personal password when we are finished.


Maintenance and Technical Support


The World Wide Web, browsers, search engines, WordPress architecture, plugins, web services, and viewing devices evolve over time. Client understands that we are not managing updates or compatibility issues as technology evolves.


Web Browsers and mobile devices seem to have updates every month and new versions available every year. If for any reason you website conflicts with the coding and formatting between different browsers, mobile devices and compatibility on future releases of these software’s, we are not held responsible to make fixes at our expense.

We are not held responsible for any server crashes, down time from host, or complications regarding web browsers, or Email accounts. You must contact your host’s (ie godaddy) technical support to resolve those issues.

3rd Party Plugins and services

We are not responsible for any technical or security issues with our 3rd party plugins. We use a plugin called “Leads” with “Full Contact API” that collect personal information, this plugin and service is totally legal and only returns data that is public domain.  It takes the info it finds and adds it to your Leads Database. When a customer or client fills out a form on your website, Full contact is an online app that will scan the internet with the information given and adds whatever public information it can find on that customer.

It is free up to 250 customer searches a month. If you have over 250 people a month filling out your form on your website, then you have the option to upgrade. If you don’t upgrade, the service just stops working but will reset at the start of the next month. NOTE: so you really don’t have to pay or do anything and everything will work behind the scenes. I was just letting you know about this service I integrated into your site, so you didn’t think there was a monthly fee.

Search Engine Optimization

Although we do our best to keep up to date using the latest techniques in SEO, the large search engines are constantly updating their algorithm to prevent spammers. Your website positioning in search results may vary. We are not promising any type of positioning in search engines. Model T Media is not held responsible for any changes in positioning in search engines.


Limitation of Liability

In the event where we were unable to fulfill a specified deadline for your website or been accused of breach of contract, we are not responsible for any consequential damages. We are not responsible for loss of business revenue, profits, data, business interruption, loss of business information, or failure to sell its products due to service interruptions.

Client accepts you take full responsibility for all Copyrights in regards to photos, videos, descriptions, and content on your website. You must own the rights to the materials that you provide Craig Seidl or Model T Media. We are not held responsible for any content given to us that you do not own and applicable copyright laws will apply.


Force Majeure

Model T Media shall not be liable for any delay in or impairment of performance resulting in whole or in part from any force majeure event, including but not limited to acts of God, labor disruptions, shortages, inability to procure product, supplies of raw materials, severe weather conditions, or any other circumstances or cause beyond the control of Model T Media in the conduct of its businesses.


Choice Of Law

Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Wisconsin.


Website Ownership

Craig Seidl retains full rights to the website design and layout. Craig Seidl has the right to use the template or design for other clients, marketing or personal use.

Client has the right to hire another web designer to make changes, updates, or maintenance.


Client or Third Party Modifications

We are not responsible to repair any damage done to the site by the client or any other party if they attempt to modify it. We are not responsible for any changes made by anyone other than Craig Seidl or Model T Media staff.


This constitutes this agreement in its entirety between Craig Seidl and Client and supersedes any and all previous agreements, whether verbal or written.