Mobile-Friendly Web Design Pricing & Packages


Why is mobile-friendly web design so important?

Today's world consist of devices of all shapes and sizes and your visitors experience while navigating your site is important. By having a mobile-friendly responsive design will allow potential customers or clients to view your website on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones without having to zoom or squint to see the information. Our mobile-friendly web design packages will seamlessly re-size itself to the device your visitor is using, which in turn enhances the users experience and load times. Google has also started a movement called  "make the web faster" by having designers and developers create efficient, fast loading websites. Google is also ranking mobile-friendly websites higher in search results for those in support of the program. To see if your current website is ready for tablets and smartphones, visit google's mobile-friendly test tool.


Responsive Web Design Explained

Most of my clients want a mobile version of their website. For me to design a website that looks great on the iPhone, iPad, blackberry, Kindle, Samsung Note, and devices of all shapes and sizes it would takes endless hours of coding or I would have to design a separate website for each device. Mobile-friendly Web Designs that are responsive are far more efficient and user friendly. Now you may be asking yourself, "What is responsive?" In a nutshell its a website that adapts or changes in response to the users behavior and environment based on the device, browser, and screen size. The server and browser does all the work on the fly so your visitors won't even realize the website has morphed to their device. Our Model T Media website is responsive, you can see for yourself how our site looks different on all types of devices. Now if you are viewing this page on a desktop or laptop, you can just re-size your browser window and see how the entire site adjust depending on the size of the browser window. Kinda cool huh!