We brought Responsive WordPress web design prices down and turnaround times up with our revolutionary process.

Who are we?

Model T Media provides budget-friendly Responsive WordPress Web Design for all types of businesses. President Craig Seidl, designs and works directly with all his clients to ensure 100% satisfaction.

What do we do?

The way Henry Ford revolutionized the process of assembling cars, Craig Seidl has created an efficient workflow for creating Responsive WordPress web designs in a fraction of the time.


Our web scrape process allows business owners to upgrade their website in less than 24 hours without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. We also have a simple platform for customers that need a new responsive websites.

Where? In the cloud.

Our cloud based technology allows us to design your wordpress website anywhere in the nation. We love meeting our clients and creating a strong business relationships but sometimes it’s not always possible for us to meet in person. Not to worry, if you are not located near our studio, the entire process can be done entirely though email or Skype.

Why do we do it?

Our goal was to create a system that would speed up turnaround times and cut prices, making Responsive WordPress web design an effortless process for business owners. Over the years our clients have provided us with feedback and suggestions to streamline the web design process. With their help we ultimately created a modern-day digital assembly line for WordPress websites.

The way it used to be

WordPress Website design used to be a long drawn out process of creative and technical complications between the client and the designer. The years of your site looking different between browsers, mobile/tablet devices is extinct. All of our designs are responsive and mobile friendly. We’ve designed websites that took over 4 months to launch but with our unique web scrape process, we’ll have you up in running in no time.

Responsive Web Designer

Model T Media specializes in Responsive WordPress web design, search engine optimization, and social media strategies. Our team of dedicated designers is always keeping up to date with the latest web solutions and online marketing strategies. We create professional looking responsive websites and web applications for all types of businesses. With our cloud based technology, we can work with clients anywhere in the nation. It’s time for you to increase your online leads and traffic by making your business look professional to your visitors. We also use the latest recommendations from Google for Search Engine Optimization and Local Search optimization so your beautiful WordPress website will be seen in search engines. Click here to learn about Responsive WordPress Web Design.

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